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Bile Duct Cancer

The bile ducts are thin tubes about 4-6 inches long carrying bile made in the liver to the intestine. Cancers of the bile ducts may originate in any part and are given names according to the part, such as Intra-hepatic, Hilar, Distal or Extra-hepatic. 

Sometimes Gallbladder cancer is included in this group. Almost all of these are Adenocarcinomas, i.e. gland forming cancers. Surgery is by far the best option for treatment if possible. This may include removal of part of the liver or the bile ducts outside the liver with a complicated reconstruction of the connection to the intestine. 

Unfortunately most of these cancers present in an advanced state where chemotherapy and radiation are the only options for care. If surgery can be done, radiation and chemotherapy are often used to help prevent recurrences.