COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CARE located in Eugene/Springfield
Cascade Surgical Oncology, PC

Comprehensive Treatment

Cancer is a complex disease encompassing many things. At Cascade Surgical Oncology we begin with the person that is sitting before us. What brings them here, where they are in the diagnostic process and what treatment plans should be discussed. Comprehensive cancer care is an approach that cares for the whole patient and all of his or her needs not just the medical and physical ones.

We offer screening, diagnosis, surgery, surgery plus chemotherapy, biologic or targeted therapy, immunotherapy, post-cancer treatment surveillance, and palliative care. We offer supportive care in the form of massage, life and wellness coaching and Mind/Body Skills training.

We use the latest genomic analysis for therapy targeted specifically for an individuals’ cancer. We guide patients through radiation therapy at an outside center when appropriate.

The advantage to this comprehensive model is the coordination and delivery of care by one physician. This brings a level of trust and ease for patients that is welcome in today’s health care environment.

Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology is the coordination of care and surgery by a specialist who devotes his career and all his attention to comprehensive cancer care. This is a subspecialty of General Surgery which focuses specifically on cancer care. The importance of training surgeons who sub-specialize in cancer surgery lies in evidence, supported by a number of clinical trials, that outcomes in surgical cancer care are positively associated to surgeon training and surgeon volume -- i.e. the more cancer cases a surgeon treats, the more proficient he becomes, and his or her patients experience fewer recurrences, fewer complications, and improved survival rates as a result.

Medical Oncology

Medical oncology uses systemic medicinal interventions to treat cancer -- meaning that medicine travels throughout the body, unlike radiation and surgery which are directed to a single site. The field also coordinates the various specialties in caring for a patient, as well as follow-up care, palliative care, cancer education, and preventative care.

General Surgery

Despite its name, this field is a specialty that focuses mostly on abdominal organs, breast, soft tissue diseases, hernias, and trauma. Most work is with benign conditions.

Special Procedures Performed

Dr. Trezona was trained in multiple special procedures for cancer care prior to them becoming a standard of care in the oncology practice.

Genetic Testing

Depending on the type of cancer, you may be a candidate for hereditary genetic testing to determine your level of risk. Some of the genetic testing includes: BRCA1, BRCA2, BART (breast cancer), Lynch syndrome/HNPCC (colon cancer), Melaris/p16 genes (melanoma), OnDose/5FU dosing target range (colon cancer) and others.

Nutritional Counseling

Attention to good nutrition is an essential part of a patient’s cancer treatment. Diana Seaders, PA-C works with each patient before, during and after their treatment to address nutritional needs and to help them achieve those goals. Nutrition is just one of the holistic cancer treatments that we make sure are a part of your personalized cancer plan and the Holistic Cancer Support we provide to every one of our patients.