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Cascade Surgical Oncology, PC

Holistic Support

At Cascade Surgical Oncology we recognize that cancer affects more than just a personís physical health. It has an enormous impact on a personís feeling state, thinking state and spiritual wellbeing. We believe that despite the diagnosis of cancer, it can be a time of growth and transformation. Utilizing various complementary therapies such as Cancer Coaching, Mind-Body Skills Training, massage, music, and aromatherapy assists in making the emotional and mental toll of a cancer diagnosis less stressful.

The Holistic Philosophy of Cascade Surgical Oncology

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Your Essential Self, Exploring Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction An 8-week class facilitated by Amy Trezona RN BSN.

Whole Heart Communications - Amy Trezona, RN


Massage therapy can effectively treat fatigue, which is one of the most prevalent symptoms from chemotherapy. Our goal at CSO is to provide access and affordable massage therapy for our patients undergoing treatment.