COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CARE located in Eugene/Springfield
Cascade Surgical Oncology, PC

Mission Statement

This mission statement reflects our commitment to our patients and ourselves. This guiding principle is the foundation we use to bring our best selves to work caring for people with life-threatening illness.

- Dr. Trezona

At Cascade Surgical Oncology, we provide excellence in comprehensive cancer care. Our foundation is in knowledge and education. We support the whole person ... body, mind and spirit.

We provide personalized care to our patients and their families in a healthy and nurturing environment. With compassion, courage and respect we honor diversity and celebrate life. Support, hope, listening, laughter and touch all intertwine in our care.

As a team and as individuals, we are accountable for our choices and our actions. We support one another to exceed our own expectations. We create joyful and healthy relationships.

We offer more than medicine